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Let's Talk Teens

Let's Talk Teens Parenting Workshop is designed to give parents a better understanding of teenagers; the tools and skills for a smooth ride through adolescence and a forum to exchange ideas and thoughts with other parents.

The Workshop is run by Alicia Drummond, a BACP accredited counsellor and parent coach who has been working with teenagers, parents and teachers for the past 10 years both in private practise and in schools.

The workshop covers:

How Teenagers emotional, physical and cognitive developmental needs drive behaviour. How our role as parents needs to change as they change. How to open and maintain lines of communication. How to reduce conflict How to set boundaries (and what to do when they are broken) How to motivate teens to do what they need to do with minimum resistance. How to set teenagers up for success. How to build self-confidence Plus party guidelines, social networking, gaming, relationships, peer pressure, pornography, drugs and alcohol.

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